The Eovia and PlanIt 3D Vista Competition 2005

Mountain ranges, rolling fields, sandy beaches, lagoons and tropical jungles this is a really fun competition where we ask you to create your most inspirational landscape and for your efforts we give you the chance to win some great prizes from our competition sponsor Eovia.

What we have is actually two competitions rolled into one. There are prizes for the best rendered landscape using Carrara only, and prizes for the best landscape rendered in any landscape generating software such as Vue, Carrara, Bryce, Terragen, Artmatic etc. postwork is allowed in all entries, if you enter both parts of the contest you double your chances of winning...or something.

If you don't have Carrara that is not a problem Eovia have organized a special demo download for you all to use. So that makes a total of two entries allowed.
To get your free demo copy of Carrara simply click here and you'll be directed to a form. Fill in a few details, including a valid email address, and you'll be sent the link to download your free demo of Carrara, and the code to unlock it.

So what are the prizes?

1st Prize (using Carrara) a copy of Carrara 4

2nd Prize (using Carrara) a copy of Hexagon

1st Prize (any application) a copy of Hexagon

2nd Prize (any application) a copy of Carrara 3D Basics

Our Judge

I know, we usually keep our judges shrouded in mystery until the contest is over, but this time it's a bit special, and we might even be able to give you a bit of an edge this time.

Our judge is renowned 3D landscape artist Johannes Rosenberg, and you can read an interview we just completed with him here...

Did I mention we might be able to give you an edge? Johannes has a great tutorial on creating landscapes in Carrara 4 on the Eovia site. How's that for an edge?

About the Prizes

Eovia Carrara 4

Eovia Carrara 4 Standard software provides powerful and approachable 3D animation, modeling and rendering tools for motion media, print and the web at an unmatched price point. Complementing the preceding feature set, Carrara 4 Standard delivers a new terrain module, a new sky module, new texture and lighting controls, and improved rendering, IK, motion paths and timeline support.

Eovia 3D Basics

Designed for those unfamiliar with 3D, Carrara 3D Basics™ is an all-in-one, affordable package to create professional-looking 3D illustrations and animations the easy way. Available for Macintosh and Windows, Carrara 3D Basics is fun and easy to learn and is packed with ready-to-use contents to jump-start the 3D beginner's creative process.

Eovia Hexagon

Eovia Hexagon, the all-new 3D Polygonal modeler for 3D artists and illustrators!
Welcome to a new and evolutionary approach to three-dimensional computer arts - Hexagon.

Built on multiple polyhedral 3D modeling techniques, Hexagon was designed from the ground up to deliver direct polygon modeling and surface subdivision, complex curves and surfaces creation, volumic operations, dynamic construction history, and more.

Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows.


The contest will start on May 12th 2005 and end on June 19th 2005. Entries must be posted in the gallery by 11.55pm (GMT) on June 19th 2005.

The Image size shall be a maximum of 1280 X 1280 pixels.
All entries must be previously unpublished work including personal and web based art community websites.
By entering you are agreeing that any image submitted to the competition will not be posted either by you, or by any third party, elsewhere for the duration of the contest.
Please include the software used in your picture description.
All images submitted must adhere to site TOS.
Image must be in jpg format.
One image rendered in any application is allowed a second entry is allowed if rendered in Carrara. Post work is allowed.
The use of more than one 2D/3D software application is allowed for painting, rendering and additional modelling where stated.
By uploading your image your are agreeing that this is your original work.
By participating in this contest, you give permission to PlanIt 3D and Eovia to use your entry for promotional purposes for an undetermined period of time.
The Artist will remain the intellectual property holder.
Only one prize can be won by any individual.
All winners must provide an Email and postal address to receive prizes.
Judging will take place independantly and off-site. Consequently we are allowing our mods to enter, but not the admin team.

Entering the Competition

To enter you must be a member of PlanIt 3D. Membership is free and to join up click here
All entries should be posted in the following competition gallery

Good Luck.

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