Lyne's Creations present...
A new map for the old Zygote Zebra

New Zebra High Res texture
The UVS file to decode and re-map the Zygote Zebra
A New cr2 for the Zebra, with new morphs added to open it's mouth, fluff up it's mane,
and re-shape it's head, plus body dials set to reshape it's body.

Lyne's Zebra Freebie Morph/Map also works with the Zebra in the "new" Safari Bundle at DAZ:

Just put the uvs file provided in this zip in with blZebra.obj in the new location of the DAZ runtime Safari Bundle. Open UVmapper and remap as instructed in the inclosed readme. Your ZebraNewMap.cr2 will come in, with map in place. Be sure the new high res texture map is "hanging out" in your Poser- Textures folder.




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