Lyne's Ultimate Poser Horse Morph Set Part 3

Poser 4x only - Morph cr2's will not load properly in P3 in most cases! by Lyne's Creations, Bloodsong & Kacia!

Many head and body morphs included! Bloodsong's horse teeth & tongue articulated mouth parts included! Create Many more breeds by dialing the various dials (although we may come up with additional character cr2's for more breeds too! :) Each character cr2 you see here is in the two zips.

You must have the Poser 3/4 horse for these cr2 horses!
Each horse character is "fully loaded" with ALL the horse morphs!

Horse Character Poses by Kacia!

This set of characters does NOT come with texture maps, but Click here to see the Old Gray Mare (nag) in an image!

Horse Morphs 3 Download (2.16 Mb)



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