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NeaP4 as Nea is a figure based on P4 woman (posette)

Nea’s features:

  • Smoother look (that ugly brow is gone forever!)
  • Victoria 1-2 textures, Nea’s body UVS is based on P4Vskin by AprilYSH with some modifications the head is completely remapped to take almost perfect V1-2 textures
  • New realistic eyes & lacrimals
  • New teeth
  • New expression morphs
  • Many original head & body morphs
  • Empty delta channels for morph creation, compatible with Injection Posette 2 by Adavyss

What's new on NeaP4:

  • NeaP4 is based more on posette,she uses Posettes .obj file and there is a switch on the head to change Posette head to Nea
  • NeaP4 head is mapped to accept Posettes textures
  • Lashes can take V3 Trans maps
  • Teeth use Nea's seperate maps
  • For first time body handles are added to the chest area for Right/Left Breast individually
  • A new face morph was added to give a more young character on NeaP4
  • There is no longer the lacrimal bodypart,lacrimals are modeled on the head
NeaP4 from Pitklad

- Nea is compatible with P4 woman clothes, hair accessories

- Nea takes P4 woman head/body morphs. However head morphs won’t work very well due to Nea’s new smooth look. If you want to move your favourite Posette morphs on Nea use morph manager : instead of importing the morph in poser as an .obj file.

-Nea’s teeth have their own texture map, you will find the texture tamplate in your Runtime\textures\narcissus\NEA Everything else is Victoria1-2 texture compatible. After you use a V1-2 MAT pose use Teeth MAT pose to apply texture to the teeth too.

-NeaP4 includes all of Nea's head morphs but you can load Nea's Body morphs also if you have Injection Nea




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