Skirts and tops for Victoria 3

Dynamic clothing for Victoria 3.
You can also use these clothes with morphed sisters of V3, just be sure to start on frame 1 with the default Vicki 3

Figure: Victoria 3
Hair: Messy Hair by Kozaburo
Shoes: Glamorous Sandals from Glamorous Resorts

Contents of package:

  • Kerchief Top
  • Strapless Top
  • Cutoff T-shirt
  • Halter Top
  • Boat Neck Top with long sleeves
  • Scoop Neck Top with long sleeves
  • Mini Skirt
  • Back Split Skirt
  • Front Split Skirt
  • Long Skirt (with front split)

The long skirt has a LOT of polygons, and tends to be quite slow in calculations.


Texture templates:
These dresses do not come with textures. If you wish to make some textures for them, download the templates here




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