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3d fluff hair atyling &rendering

3D Fluff Training for CINEMA 4D™
Volume 5 - Hair Styling and Rendering

Reviewed By Kathie Berry

The "Hair Styling & Rendering" tutorial DVD by 3DFluff tackles one of the newest modules for CINEMA 4D™, the HAIR module. The long awaited addition to CINEMA 4D provides users with a really solid method of adding hair to models as well as grass, fur and feathers. To aid in the understanding of how the module works as well as tips on internal settings that will make your workflow easier and much more productive, 3DFluff has come out with another wonderful training DVD for this module.

Introduced by "Mash" (Matthew O'Neill) and performed by Janine (Janine Pauke), who comprise 3DFluff, this training DVD meets all of the high standards that we have come to expect from this duo. "Hair Styling & Rendering", runs at a really excellent 1024x768 resolution. The lossless codec needed for playing the DVD is included on the disk or from their site. Janine takes you through the basics of adding hair to your models as well as styling, tips for realistic rendering and using dynamics to add really wonderful effects in animation. Her instructions on creating realistic materials for the hair and fur, how to light the scene effectively, tips for speeding up your renders and an explanation of the best settings for volume and realism make this a must-have tool. As always, whether you have been using the HAIR module for your work or are just a beginner, you will find that you always learn new methods and tips that will make your scenes more realistic as well as your workflow more productive. One of the things I like most about their training DVD's is that they not only show you "how" but tell you "why". This adds so much to the learning experience as when you learn the reasons behind a function or a method, it enables you to move forward on your own with a solid learning base from which to expand your abilities.

I like to approach their training DVD's as if I am a new user and know absolutely nothing about the subject at hand. This is where 3DFluff's DVD's really shine. Created for use in Versions 9 and 10 with the HAIR module, this DVD covers all of the steps you will need to get up and running quickly.

Included on this DVD are:
  • An intro by Mash
  • 5 Training Sessions by Janine
  • The codec for your system
  • The project files & materials
  • A "Goodies" folder which includes
    • Different scene files for Eyelashes, feathers, fur & purple strands
    • 16 HDRI files
    • Their TV episode dealing with fur.
3d fluff hair rendering & styling

Janine begins by leading you through the methods of adding hair and styling it on a female head. I found it extremely easy to follow along and move through the various steps she provided in the training.

An added benefit of CINEMA 4D's capabilities is the quick rendering when dealing with hair and fur that you don't find in a lot of modeling software out there now.

In one or two clicks you have a head of hair on your model and are ready to begin the styling process.

adding hair

3d fluff hair styling

Janine's method of training is easy to understand and follow as she moves you through the different ways to select and style the hair while keeping render times low and quality high.

I found that her explanations of the different settings in the attribute manager made perfect sense as she moved through the settings and showed why to use the different attributes and what happens when you use alternate settings and attributes. Again, we're back to the their method of not only showing us "how" but "why" to use the different methods.



By following her instructions, I was able to add fur to a bra model and control the look and feel of the fur with the attributes as well as the material and lighting.


The differences in modeling and styling long hair as opposed to short hair is covered and the methods for selecting different areas of the hair for movement without affecting other areas.

Janine's tips on styling are extremely helpful for allowing you to create a wide range of styles, colors, volume and length when modeling.


The final video tutorial deals with the dynamics settings of the hair and fun and how each one affects and controls the look and feel of the hair. Animating hair has never been easier with awesome results by following the instructions for setting up your movement. In the image below, you can see that a simple ball with ropey strands can produce amazing results in natural movement as well as realistic animations.

dynamics dynamics


So many things can be created using the new HAIR module once you have gone through the 3DFluff training DVD videos that you will be amazed at how easy it is to create terrific results.

eyelash feather

System requirements:
Windows PC or Apple Mac with a DVD-Rom drive. This DVD will NOT play in a standalone DVD player. Requires Quicktime™ 5 or higher (Mac™) or Windows Media Player™ (Windows™) for playback. 500 MHz CPU or higher and a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 recommended. Soundcard (or onboard sound) and speakers/headphones required for audio output.

The price of the DVD is £49 GBP (Pound Sterling) which amounts to about $95 USD (US Dollars). I can tell you that it is well worth the price. If you are interested in learning more about the series of training DVDs or purchasing one or more please visit the 3D Fluff site here.

I truly could find no downside of the DVD and its contents. It contains comprehensive training on modeling, texturing, lighting and styling hair as well as using dynamics in the HAIR module to create animations. Easy to understand and in depth in explanations, I followed along easily. As always, I was sorry to see it end and am looking forward to doing more with hair, feathers and fur.

Review by Kathie Berry
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